Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is EGO GRATIFICATION worth the suffering???

i have pondered since forever over the question...why do we hurt the people we love the most....if they are all we care about in this world ..where do we gather the devilness to hurt them, ignore them ,hate them for what they did or did not do, why dont we jus let go off things and take them as they are, why we expect them to change...the moment we feel they are the most special ones for us....why cant we just accept them as they are....why does their not calling us during work effects us so bad.....why we wanna hate them if they cant make it on the weekend...why it matters so much if they forget the monthly anniversary.....i wonder if we really love them or just live in an illusion of loving them.....or rather do we love ourselves and merely wanna see aur reflections in them....i cribb i cry i want to die wen i dnt know how long i'll have to live withis why......if i try some non expectations theory i successfully fail....coz if i cnt feel the sourness the sweetness too is gone....n then living a bland life is no fun....i know m babbling but thats all i do...if u have any thoughts do gimme a review.....but again the question remains in place is ego worth the pain?????


  1. well i guess here we still are thinking of wht we think...just the way we think, there should be a mutual respect to what you think from the other end...i mean thtz what we expect right!!! well if you dont have an expectation then it is begin with it might look bland..but again think how independent your thot gets when it is unconditional!!! and by da way my true feel about EGO - EGO is self respect , it comes in two levels one is just in the mind..mind you this is the worst endup thinking only about you being right and find it really difficult to even appriciate the other...but A broder view of EGO is in deep inside..self respect of the soul..where the others see that your are out of your mind..coz you are unconditional..truely and literally..this sets in only by listening to others then thinking on all thot lines and finally define things for i feel the difference is simple the first kinov EGO is a reaction immidiet reaction without thinking but the second one is response..response to all that has been told to you...and you are confident about wht you have the second EGO is your unconditional confidence..well if this ego leads to gratification then well itz time you try to tell the other about what you feel deep inside and make them develop the second kindov EGO do this if you really care if not well they were not meant to be there.

  2. nice thoughts stallion!!!! u did gimme a new perspective there!!!!wish to see more of u over here and yes!!!i have tons of thoughts to share dis place is dedicated to our budding frndship too!!!welcome home